"An Up-to-date, practical, and much needed guide to e-Government initiatives in Asia [...] A must read casebook for serious researchers, business and political leaders in the region and internationally."




Over the past decade, there has been an increasingly intense movement towards a "reinvention" of public services. This has been driven by a focus on achieving higher productivity within the public sector and enhancing service levels to constituents (ie. citizens and organisations). With the advent and increasing pervasiveness of the Internet and other technologies, e-Government has grown to become a key area receiving significant attention and investment in countries the world over.

Editor and Author James S L Yong
is currently Director, Public Sector Programs (ASEAN) at Cisco Systems. During the development of this book, he was Senior Director, heading the Intelligence, Insights & Innovation (I3) department of NCS Pte Ltd...
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Reviewer: Bob Mansell - I was introduced to this to me when I attended a UNESCAP workshop on "Managing Public Sector Programmes" a few months ago. A well-documented review of national-level IT initiatives in many Asian governments...
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Dr. S L Pan, National University of Singapore - An up-to-date, practical, and much needed guide to e-Government initiatives in Asia. This book is excellent for both academics as well as practitioners doing work in the area...
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