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Excellent commentary of Asian public sector IT initiatives, Sep 27, 2004

Reviewer: Bob Mansell

I was introduced to this to me when I attended a UNESCAP workshop on "Managing Public Sector Programmes" a few months ago. A well-documented review of national-level IT initiatives in many Asian governments. I found it a useful reference as my job requires me to cover developments in ASEAN and South Asia. The writing was in a clear and easy-to-read style. The last chapter is particularly insightful.




Great reference on ICT applns in Asian governments, Nov 12, 2003

Reviewer: Jim Patrosne (Canada)

An enlightening selection of case studies from Asian countries. Well put together, and very readible. Some hard to find material from countries like Brunei and Taiwan. First-hand views by government officials especially useful.




Good coverage of e-Government scene in Asia, Oct 16, 2003

Reviewer: Alex Choi (Hong Kong, SAR)

Comprehensive coverage of the e-Government scene in Asia. A useful guide for someone looking for a snapshot of the e-Government development in most major countries in Asia. A study into the Japanese market or perhaps Australiasia will make it more complete. Highly recommended!




Excellent reference for Asian e-Gov programs, Oct 13, 2003

Review: Larry Yarwood (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

I'm very glad I came across this book. I believe it's the first one that covers e-Gov programs in Asia so comprehensively. Most eGov books I've read focus on initiatives in North America and Europe. As the author Yong points out "Asian nations have their unique needs for eGov". Being an IT consultant working in several countries across Asia, I totally agree with him. This will be a handy reference for me.