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Dr. Do Trung Ta,
Minister of MPT (Ministry of Posts & Telematics),

"An up-to-date, practical, and much needed guide to e-Government initiatives in Asia. This book is excellent for both academics as well as practitioners doing work in the area. A must read casebook for serious researchers, business, and political leaders in the region and internationally".

Dr. S L Pan,
National University of Singapore

"What has Korea done to transform itself to be the global innovation leader in Consumer Electronics and Information Technology? Globalization and Innovation are two major factors defining the comparative advantage of nations in the 21st century. Nations without an efficient information infrastructure and skilled, educated workforce will not be able to integrate and capitalize on global opportunity and not able to compete for their share of the knowledge economy. In this book, James has offered excellent insights into strategies and roadmaps Asian governments have taken to make this transition. If you are a policy maker, or a consultant working with the governments, or just someone who is wondering which country is the next winner, this is the most important book you can not afford to miss."

Lai Yit Loong,
South East Asia Director,
Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd

"A comprehensive compilation. An ideal introduction for people interested to gain a good perspective of e-Government activities in Asia."

GG Loh,
Marketing Director,
iPark Singapore,
(Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency)

"I am very impressed by the insight provided by authors of this book.  A must-read for everyone who leads or works in e-Government projects.  James and his co-authors have not only done good research in the various countries covered in the book, they have also provided a good framework for charting a road map and formulating a vision for e-Government development."

Lim Swee Cheang, CEO,
Institute of Systems Science,
National University of Singapore

Compiled and edited by James S.L. Yong, this book offers a new dimension to the discussion of the history and regional progress of Internet-based government administration. The book will make for a good read for a wide range of audience from students, public servants to business executives.

Sunday Mail (Malaysia)

"This is quite a comprehensive analysis of e-Government in Asia, yet full of strategic clues on future challenges and hot issues for its future development."

Roberto Martines-Illescas
International Competitiveness and Public policy Specialist,

"I was introduces to this to me when I atteded a UNESCAP working on "Managing Public Sector Programmes". A well-documented review of national-level IT initiatives in many Asian governments. I found it a useful reference [...]"

Bob Mansell

In "eGovernment in Asia", James Yong and his colleagues provide an insightful and valuable account of current Asian eGovernment initiatives.  Through country by country reviews, they provide a broad picture of eGovernment successes and challenges - and show how eGovernment contributes to good government.  With the great potential of eGovernment in connecting citizens to government, and in ultimately contributing to economic growth, "eGovernment in Asia" is a timely and important book.

Dr Jean-Pierre Auffret
Technology Management Program,
George Mason University, USA

Asian countries are still at the forefront in e-government implementation. With the rising IT literacy in Asia, citizens are finding it more convenient to interact with and receive services from their governments via the Internet. This book is useful for the researcher or the practitioner wishing to discover the secrets of success of the various e-government initiatives and how others can also tap on these successes."

Alex Siow
National Infocomm Competency Centre, Singapore